Mother Nature, what have you done?

It was yesterday morning that I noted to Frank how the soil of our backyard was now rid of winter’s embrace. Well, this morning our frosty nemesys is back, with a vengeance :

trad. « Mère Nature, qu’as-tu fait là? »

C’était hier matin que je notai à François que le sol de notre cour arrière était maintenant débarassé de l’étreinte de l’hiver. Eh bien, ce matin notre némésis glacée est de retour, avec vengeance :


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  1. Snowing here too. I have vowed not to shovel anything, no matter how much falls, in protest. This reminds me of a poem my friend penned several years ago, which I keep for just such occasions. I share it here for your own benefit:

    An Ode to the weather, indignant Bitch that she is

    Today I wear shorts for I’m not afraid
    That this chill-to-the-bone weather in Alberta will stay
    Parkas and mittens in Calgary they wear
    While breath that’s released is seen in the air
    But hope is in sight for those who complain
    Sixteen this weekend unless we see rain
    So in anticipation of the sun we will see
    I say, « Goodbye you wh0re winter; good riddance from me! »

  2. We’re cold enough here to snow…but luckily the air is dry. The cold is bad enough, but I don’t know if I could take a big snowfall again. My soul would be crushed beneath the combined weight of millions of tiny snowflakes.

    You have my sympathy. (but not Simon…I secretly find it amusing when Mother Nature dumps on him. He’s just so elequent when he whines…it’s hard not to hope for it 😉

  3. Simon, thanks for sharing the poem. All day I’ve had your line « Winter can f–k right off about now » echoing in my mind each time I set eyes on my white-themed window displays.

    Moksha, I’d tease about your complaint on the cold, with you being so far South, but you’re usually so nice I’ll let it pass. 😀

  4. I do feel for you, but it really is pretty! And you take excellent photos.

    We may actually get snow HERE tonight, in the capital of the Confederacy, for jiminy’s sake….and it was over 80 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday!!’

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