Dodos simultanés

Transl. « Simultenuous naps »

The definition of a lucky mom. 😉La définition d’une maman chanceuse. 😉

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  1. Aaaaaaand… we’re back.

    Must have been some sort of connection thing from work that prevented me from accessing this delightful site. I can get here fine at home. (Unless you guys have performed some sort of CSS jiggery-pokery that I don’t know about over the past few hours.)

    But, like I mentioned briefly in my email of this afternoon, those overlapping naps are a boon, indeed. Too bad (almost) that one most often feels like doing nothing more than napping as well during those times.

  2. Good to hear. Nothing has changed on our end; we haven’t had time yesterday evening to do any sort of testing.

    I rarely do daytime naps. There is a curse upon them. If I even try to have a go at one, there is a sure certainty that an outside noise or intervention will spring up, or the baby’s nap itself will not last. Tested and true. I end up even more tired from having started to relax into sleep, so I gave up on that. I still make use of the downtime to get some work or chores done.

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