1/2 of de l’Hallowen 2008

Halloween is half costumes and half candy. Sorry I can’t be sending candy your way; those were our costumes.Halloween, c’est moitié costumes, moitié bonbons. Désolée de ne pas pouvoir vous remettre des bonbons; voilà comment nous étions costumés.

Maki-Émilie Sushi

(…avec mon amie Amélie! – Photo prise par son chum Nicolas.)(…with my good friend Amélie! – Photo taken by her boyfriend Nicolas.)

Temaki-François Sushi

My friends Tigger and P… Piglet!

Halloween 2008!

PS. Ah j’oubliais… François a gagné un iPod orange au travail, en combinant son costume et le mien. Ce sont des sushis faits maison, vous savez!PS. Forgot to mention… Frank won an orange iPod at work, by combining his costume and mine. Those are home-made sushi, you know!

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  1. Wasabi!!

    Kids in plush costumes are just so darned cute! Adults, on the other hand, get looked at sideways because then they’re Furries, and it’s a fetish.

  2. Fabulous sushi! You and Frank always have the best costumes! How on earth do you do sushi rice?

  3. This is just packaging Styrofoam peanuts that we strung on a thread for my hat, and stuck to tape for Frank’s costume. Frank went out to buy the packaging popcorn they often use at work, but he found this perfect biodegradable product instead.

    Oh wait, I’m assuming you’re wondering about the costume material, not actual real sushi rice – which is a type of rice that can be prepared following the instructions on the package. 😉

  4. Also: the bulk of my hat consists of two seat foam – which can be bought anywhere they sell fabric – that I cut to size (and into which I cut a head-shaped hole). I sew the « seaweed » fabric directly onto them, and added the rice. The caviar is styrofoam balls painted orange.

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