Mon Vieux, Tu t’es trompé!Old Buddy, You were wrong!

You know, fv mentioning this whole « Pluto’s not a planet anymore » made me remember how this totally messes up the acronym-phrase they taught us, for memorizing the planets’ order.

The French sentence was « Mon Vieux, Tu M’As Jeté Sur Une Nouvelle Planète! » – ie. « Old buddy, you threw me on a new planet! » – for Mercury, Venus, Earth (la Terre), Mars, Asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. And very ironically (Simon won’t fail to tell me if I’m misusing that word), Pluto’s acronym word was « Planet ».

But I’m sure they considered that carefully when they decided to ditch it.
Vous savez, la mention de fv du fait que « Pluton n’est plus considéré une planète » m’a rappelé que ça défait toute la phrase-acronyme qu’ils nous ont enseignée, pour mémoriser l’ordre des planètes.

La phrase était « Mon Vieux Tu M’As Jeté Sur Une Nouvelle Planète! » pour Mercure, Vénus, la Terre, Mars, les Astéroides, Jupiter, Saturne, Uranus, Neptune et Pluton. Et très ironiquement (Simon me dira si j’utilise ce mot à tort), le mot-acronyme pour Pluton était « Planète ».

Mais je suis certaine qu’ils ont considéré ça soigneusement avant de décider de s’en débarrasser.

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  1. Dude! That was totally ironic!

    Reminds me of the phrase I still remember from junior high science that had me remember the taxonomy of all living things: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

    The phrase was, « Kindly Pass Course Or Fail General Science. »

    Science is fun!

  2. Ha! Leave the didactic corrections to me!

    Your memory trick is not quite an acronym but a mnemonic phrase. The acronym would have just been the letters.

    Also, I was taught the taxonomic mnemonic as:
    Kings Play Chess On Fine Grain Sand

    but I like Simon’s better.

  3. Yeah, I started out calling it an acronym, then switched it to « acronym-phrase » when I realized it wasn’t that. Thanks for the true term.

    What the hell is taxonomy? Is general science that class we had in the room with the periodic table and gas hook-ups along the walls? I remember my friend and I drawing costumes for the end-of-the-year play in that room. I think there was a replacement teacher for most of the year, too, with poor authority over his class.

    I took the art classes in high school.

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