Adventure. Romance. Mad science!

GAAAHHHH!!!… I’ve spent the last week completely addicted to the Girl Genius comics, reading the entire backlog from 2001, and now… now I’m UP TO DATE! Which means there is no more for me to read! And the story is ongoing! Now I’ll have to content myself to 3 pages per week, as they come out.

12 x boohoo!!

I just might get me a heart-shaped gear insignia to console myself. (They are so cute!)

Seriously, though, I recommend the comic. Its tagline says « Adventure. Romance. Mad Science! » and it’s the best description I could give, with « really funny! » implied in there.

PS. And Paula, I found out that comic is STEAMPUNK genre, so now I know what that is!
GAAAHHHH!!!… J’ai passé la dernière semaine complètement accroc aux comics Girl Genius, à lire les archives entières à partir de 2001, et maintenant… maintenant je suis À DATE! Ce qui veut dire qu’il n’y en a plus de nouvelles à lire pour moi! Et l’histoire n’est pas terminée! Je vais devoir me contenter de 3 planches par semaines, maintenant, à mesure qu’elles paraissent.

12 x bouhou! :o(

Je vais peut-être m’offrir un insigne rouage en forme de coeur pour me consoler. (Elles sont si mignonnes!)

Sérieusement, je recommande ce comic. Son slogan dit « Adventure. Romance. Mad Science! » et c’est la meilleure description que je peux en donner, avec la notion de « vraiment marrant! » intrégrée là-dedans.

PS. Et Paula, je me suis rendue compte que ce comic est du genre STEAMPUNK, alors maintenant je sais ce que ça veut dire!

Girl Genius - Web comics

Girl Genius - Web comics

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  1. Aside from the wonderful artwork and delightful heaving bosoms in that comic, I have to try to resist doing the same thing you did. I have already suffered through entire backlogs of webcomics with both Order of the Stick AND Irregular Webcomic.

    It’s not that I don’t WANT to read another comic, I just don’t have the TIME! Seriously, with Basic Instructions, Order of the Stick, Dilbert (my one commercial allowance), Erfworld, Irregular Webcomic, Commissioned Comic, Indexed, Sheldon, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and of course XKCD… there just isn’t any more room in my Google Reader!!


  2. Well, there you go! I’d have to say gloves and goggles are de rigeur for Steampunk, and this girl has it all. Not so much to my taste, but I’m thinking my daughter might enjoy the series, so I’ll pass on the link. Great seeing you in Montreal, Emilie!

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