Weekend Project : [Duct Tape] Wallet

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An article on LifeHacker made me realise that I was getting tired of my old wallet being so fat and you know .. old. So I started shopping for a new one with one feature in mind: Slim. And then I found this article on Makezine : Make A Wallet Out of Tape and decided that is was exactly what I needed; a custom made, duct tape (geek+++), extra slim wallet.

The material needed is quite easy to get :

  • Duct tape of the color of you choice.
  • Cisors
  • A piece of plastic (optional) (got mine from the recycle box)

I used black tape and a bit of red tape for my wallet. The plastic piece is for the picture holder. It took me about an hours and a half to do the project and I did not waste much tape. I really like the end result, it is very strong and not sticky at all. Here are some pictures, you can see that my old wallet (2.7 cm) was even thicker then a metal Runts box (2 cm) (new wallet : <1 cm). -- Frank

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