Chose promise, chose dûe

transl. « Thing promised, Thing due » (French expression)

Well I said I was gonna post pictures of our basement mini-renos, didn’t I?

Here’s the color we started with (yes, yellow!):

Once the painting was done – there’s a good look at the tiling in this picture, too:

There’s the varnished/mate effect I did on the walls:

Coming down the basement :

My lovely bookcase, how I’ve missed you!

The TV corner :

We’ve had those spotlights for about what, 10 months? and Frank installed them at last!

I’m really happy with how it all turned out (the shade of grey on the walls renders maybe a tad too purple, but not enough so that I feel I must repaint it all). And I’m REALLY glad that it’s done!
Eh bien j’avais dit que je mettrais des photos de nos mini-rénos du sous-sol en ligne, non?

Voici la couleur de départ (oui, jaune!) :

Une fois la peinture terminée – il y a un bon aperçu de la céramique dans cette photo, aussi :

L’effet verni/mat que j’ai appliqué sur les murs :

En descendant au sous-sol :

Ma jolie bibliothèque, comme tu m’as manqué!

Le coin télé :

Nous avions ces spots de lumière depuis quoi, 10 mois? et François les a installés, enfin!

Je suis vraiment contente de l’effet final (la teinte de gris sur les murs apparaît peut-être un petit peu trop mauve, mais pas assez pour que je ressente le besoin de tout repeindre). Et je suis RÉELLEMENT contente que ça soit fait!

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  1. Beautiful room, Emilie. I really like that varnish effect. I’ll have to remember that. In the end, a very comfy looking room that I’d love to lounge in.

    We have a foosball table in our basement as well…but we never play it. It gets used during parties…at which time I get my butt handed to me since I don’t practice. Stupid foosball table…makin’ me look bad. 😉

  2. We don’t really use it either, except to hang damp laundry. 😀

    Eventually, we are planning to get rid of it, and use that space for Xavier (and future siblings). We’ll put up a little fence with a little fence door; they’ll have their own little terrace with a fake tree or two, table and chairs, toys, etc. It’s a nice spot for it: in the middle of the floor, and under the forest mural.

  3. Oh my, now I’m pining even more for basement renos of our own. Perhaps, by next summer or so, I can boast of something similar. We shall see. Very nicely done in yours Émy! (Now I have basement envy.)

  4. Ah yes…the laundry. Ours gets hung on the equally unused Air Hockey table. My wife has her eye on the game area…but I’m fighting the good fight to save them(for reasons I can’t really recall).

  5. It might be that they are the last vestiges of a time gone by (party life and pre-baby, that is).

    Simon, looking forward to it. I expect my own freshened basement will be all messed up by then.

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