Let’s play a game.

I’ve finished reading Harry Potter 7 well over a week ago, and I’m now looking for my next read. I have some stuff lined up – and a 5$ gift certificate from Amazon valid only in August, how unfortunate… – but there are still some decisions to be made. That’s where I’ll be taking votes. Fun, isn’t it?

Usually, I order for at least 40$CDN with Amazon in order to get the free shipping. I figure they’re gonna say my 5$ rebate won’t count in the 40$, so I’m expecting to buy for 45$ this time around. My order, so far :

  • His Dark Materials Book 2 – The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman: Continuing the trilogy. I’m not sure yet if I should be getting the French version or the original English version. Usually I go for the original for obvious reasons, but I’ve read and own the first book in French for this one. The English version, however, is 5$ cheaper and in stock at Amazon. What say you?
  • The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum : This is NOT the genre of books I usually go for. This is part of why I’m deciding to try it out. I quite enjoyed the movies – the last of which we saw on Saturday – and I think it will be the first book I’ll read AFTER seing the movie, should be interesting.

That’s it so far, and it amounts to 19,68$. I’m thinking of picking up another de Lint, maybe Widdershins, but hesitating.

I know there’s a big list of books I want to read tucked away in some corner of my mind, but I just can’t remember any of them at the moment. So if you have a good recommandation, now’s the time. I’ll simply request that you keep to books under 800 pages or so, and preferably stand-alone novels, unless it’s a really really good read. I’ve been through Kay, Hobb, Gabaldon and Tartt, btw.

And the last question : which book do I start on first? I might well let people decide for me on this one.
Faisons un jeu.

J’ai terminé Harry Potter 7 il y a au-dessus d’une semaine, et maintenant je cherche ma prochaine lecture. J’ai quelques bouquins en vue – et un certificat de 5$ de Amazon valide seulement en août, fort malheureusement… – mais j’ai encore quelques décisions à prendre. C’est là que je prendrai des votes. Fun, non?

Habituellement, je commande pour au moins 40$CDN de Amazon pour avoir la livraison gratuite. Je me dis qu’ils vont sûrement dire que mon 5$ de rabais ne compte pas dans le 40$, alors je m’attends à acheter pour 45$. Ma commande, jusqu’ici :

  • À la croisée des mondes, livre 2 – La Tour des anges de Philip Pullman: Suite de la trilogie. J’hésite entre acheter la version française ou la version originale anglaise. Habituellement je préfère la version originale pour des raisons évidentes, mais j’ai lu et possède le premier livre en Français. La version anglaise, toutefois, est 5$ moins chère et en stock chez Amazon. Qu’en dites-vous?
  • The Bourne Identity par Robert Ludlum : Ce n’est PAS le genre de romans que je lis en temps normal. C’est en partie pourquoi j’ai décidé de l’essayer. J’ai bien aimé les films – dont nous avons vu le dernier samedi – et je pense que ce sera le premier livre que je lirai APRÈS avoir vu le film, ça devrait être intéressant.

C’est tout pour l’instant, et ça se somme à 19,68$. Je pensais à ramasser un autre de Lint, peut-être Widdershins, mais j’hésite.

Je sais qu’il y a une grande liste de livres que je veux lire cachée quelque part dans un coin de mon cerveau, mais j’arrive à ne me rappeler d’aucun titre à l’instant présent. Alors si vous avez une bonne recommandation, c’est le moment. Je vais seulement vous demander de vous en tenir à des bouquins de moins de 800 pages, et préférablement pas des séries, à moins que ce soit une vraiment vraiment bonne lecture. J’ai lu tout Kay, Hobb, Gabaldon et Tartt, à titre informatif.

Et dernière question : par quel roman je commence? Il y a de bonnes chances que je laisse les gens décider pour moi sur ce point.

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  1. I liked Glen Cook’s « The Black Company ». There are two other books that go with it but the first stands alone well enough. It’s also short and sweet.

    Go for the English version of The Subtle Knife.

  2. No comment on The Subtle Knife… I’d only go for the English version there for obvious reasons.

    I’m halfway through « Hyperion » (Dan Simmons) right now and enjoying it immensely. There are three subsequent books though. Something to keep in mind.

  3. Time Traveller’s Wife, for sure (I can’t remember if you’ve read it); The Kiterunner; The Memory Keeper’s Daughter; The Secret Life of Bees. All wonderful stand alone books.

    On Bourne: I’m not a huge Ludlum fan. I loved (loved!) the movies, but the books were vastly different (as books to movies can be) and choppy reads. I’d be happy to mail you my copy if you’d like, although I guess you’re trying to spend money…

  4. I’m currently reading « The Subtle Knife » and enjoying it. Other stuff, huh?

    Recently read « Brief History of the Dead » by Kevin Brockmier and really enjoyed it.

    I’ll second Simon’s vote for « Hyperion » since a) it’s my favorite book and b) he’s reading a copy I sent him 😉

    Ever read « Ender’s Game » by Orson Scott Card? Sci-fi…but light. All about super genuis kids being trained at an orbiting battle school. It’ sgot a whole bunch of sequels…but the first one stands on it’s own just fine.

    You already mentioned de Lint…I assume you’ve read « Onion Girl » so I won’t recommend that.

  5. Hey all. Thanks for the feedback.

    I’ll go with the English Subtle Knife – for those that might interest, French title is translated « The Angels Tower ». Not quite litteral, eh? I like the French title for the series, though. A litteral translation of « His Dark Materials » would have mangled it quite bad, so they went with « At the crossroad of the worlds », which sounds nice in French.

    Tal, I’ll take up your recommandation for Time Traveller’s Wife : it’s not the first time I hear about the book, and the twist and characters seem interesting. And much thanks for the offer of mailing the Bourne book, but postage will probably be the same as having Amazon add it to my bundle anyway 😉 It’s too bad though you didn’t enjoy the book; I think I’ll try it anyway, we’ll see… This is why I’m only ordering the first, too : if I don’t follow through, at least I already know how it ends from the movies, hehe!

    fv, I checked out both the Black Company and the Strange/Norrell novels, and I’m leaning more towards the latter I think, despite the length. Partly because I’ve seen it mentionned a few times around on BW already, partly because of the plot, and partly because of Darth Vader on the Black Company cover…

    Two mentions of Hyperion, huh? The argument « it’s my favourite book » has some weight, of course, and the summary sounds nice. Alright, it’s a go, even if it’s a series. I gotta say the list of titles for the series got me raising an eyebrow, though : « Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, The Rise of Endymion » ?!? I see a pattern.

    « Onion Girl » was my introduction to de Lint, and the best of his I read. He seems an uneven author, but I’ve been lucky so far. Read « The Dreaming Place » (which is nice enough, but short and aimed for teens) and « Forests of the Heart », of which I’d heard it came close to being as good as the « Onion Girl », and I concur. The appeal of « Widdershins » is the reappearance of Jilly, of course.

    Sigh. Now I’ve got so many possibilities. Frank announced I was only allowed to order on payday next, though, so I guess I got another couple of days to mull it over. I’ll let you know.

  6. The Black Company covers are all awful awful awful. The first 3 books together are amongst my favourites. They are actually the books that inspired me to try to write my own.

    Hyperion is very good. The series is quite good as a whole. The last two were good but not as good as the first two.

  7. It sounds like the French titles for « His Dark Materials » make just as much sense as the English. In fact…as a phrase, I like « The Angels’ Tower » better than « The Subtle Knife »…which sounds kinda silly if you ask me.

    I’d also agree that deLint is hit or miss. The other’s I’ve read were fine…but none touched Onion Girl.

  8. Aww, François, now I’m confused again. You make a good argument. As for Hyperion, I like the premise of 7 pilgrims… puts me in mind of Fionavar, in a way, although the setting seems quite different.

    Moksha : yeah, that’s the thing with de Lint. The global opinion seems to put Onion Girl on top of the pile. I read it first… the rest of his stuff may be good, but it’s risking to be a little disappointed every time I pick another of his up, if I measure it by the first one. I liked the universe surrounding Bettina in « Forests of the Heart », though – desert of New Mexico or Mexico, I wouldn’t dislike finding another story with a similar setting or feeling.

  9. lol! I just went to have a look at the other covers for the Black Company. I gotta disagree with you on the cover for the White Rose. It’s got its own strange quality to it. Orange, purple, rose vines, and a Raindow-Brite-gone-to-hell feeling all mixed together? What’s not to love? If not for the ominous lightning strikes all over the artwork and that terrible outlined typography, why it’d almost be pretty enough to decorate a girl’s bedroom.

    I especially like that Amazon’s initial thumbnail for it (the one with the « Search inside! » arrow stuck on it) is different than the enlarged version.

    Also, I found out it’ll be cheaper to get the boxed set for « His Dark Materials » in English than buy both last books separately. I’ll be one French Golden Compass extra, but maybe I’ll try that thing where you leave a book in the subway for other people to find and enjoy, what’s that called?

  10. It’s called bookcrossing (just add a .com for the site).

    The White Rose cover… Uh. Ok. 🙂
    « Raindow-Brite-gone-to-hell », lol.

    The Pilgrims in Hyperion are meant to echo the story-telling pilgrims from The Canterbury Tales. I totally missed it until long after I finished the book. I had a big « OHHHHH! » moment. BTW, Simon, if you’re out there, the priest’s tale is easily the best part in all 4 books. It’s almost a shame it peaks so early but it’s definitely quite good all the way through, regardless.

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