Roots and leaves

Favourites from the new gallery I set up.

I like taking pictures of trees, and rounded some of the ones I took over the years. I intend to add new ones in the future (this should keep me from taking pictures only of the kids).

I hope you enjoy them.Des préférées provenant du nouvel album que j’ai mis en ligne.

J’aime bien prendre des photos d’arbres, et j’ai rassemblé quelques-unes de celles que j’ai prises au cours des années. J’espère en ajouter de nouvelles dans le futur (ce devrait m’aider à ne pas seulement prendre des photos des enfants).

J’espère que vous les apprécierez.

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  1. Your title reminded me that, in Australia, « rooting » is slang for having sex. Now re-read your post title.


  2. I made the new blog theme keeping in mind the idea that I could switch the background image and colour scheme on a whim, in a snap. I already have that green pic marked in my head as a potential background for the future.

    Incidently, that lush image is right out of (a park in) the middle of the city of Québec, unless I’m remembering wrong.

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