Simple Spring Wreath

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Spring Wreath

I had never been to a Michael’s store, where they sell all sorts of craft supplies, but always saw it from the highway on the way back from Montreal, and every time I thought « someday I’ll stop ». Well, a month or two ago, my daughter and I (she adores crafting) jumped in the car and paid the store a visit.

We loaded up on a all sorts of goodies for projects and such. They have a wonderful selection there!

One of the simple projects we did was a spring wreath for our front door.

It was really easy to prepare. We started by picking up an affordable twig wreath they sell, then selected some artificial flowers in the colours we liked (they have a lot of those!) and two small eggs. Fixing the decorations on the wreath was just a matter of sliding them through the branches.

 It’s a nice addition to our front door! I recently added the « hello » text to the door, too, as well as new flowers for the planter. How welcoming! (Maybe a little too welcoming… all the neighborhood children keep showing up at the door…!)

Spring Wreath

Alas, it’ll soon be time to replace this wreath with a summer version… and since we don’t have one (yet), it’s another fun project we’ll get to do!

Have a nice week,
– Émilie

PS. As a little bonus, here’s another small update I did on the inside stairs in the foyer: numbers! Because quirky = fun. 😉

Numbered stairs

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