The last crunch

Snow is at its ugliest right now. Crunchy, peppered, oozing lakes of dirty water…

It’s also going away. Which is the best thing about this white, brown and grey time of year.

Xavier and I went out to play this morning: he finally decided to help out with the shoveling (about time!). It was great fun.
La neige est à son plus laid présentement. Croquante, poivrée, suintant des lacs d’eau sale…

Elle est également en train de fondre. Ce qui est la meilleure chose de ce temps de l’année blanc, brun et gris.

Xavier et moi sommes allés jouer dehors ce matin : il a finalement décidé d’aider avec le pelletage (il était temps!). Nous nous sommes bien amusés.

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  1. That final push toward spring is always the most depressing. The snow has lost its appeal and you’re just ready for it to be gone. I won’t rub salt in the wounds and discuss in any detail our current status down here. Payback will come when we’re baking in the summer, so I’ll keep my mouth shut 😉

    And a very cute picture of Xavier

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