Easy Rustic Advent Calendar DIY

Hey all, December is a week away (yes it is!), and you want to treat your kids to a custom, homemade advent calendar full of thoughtful delights… but you just haven’t found the time to put one together yet? I’ve got just the thing for ya!


This idea has been around Pinterest, so maybe you have seen some versions of it. I like how simple, pure and not-overdone it looks. This Holiday season specifically, I’m looking for small ways to nudge my seasonal decorations in this way, so it’s a perfect fit.

Materials for the DIY advent calendar

First, materials:

  • Small paper bags
    These can be any colour, from kraft brown to the gold-dot patterned ones I have here. I found these at DeSerres (2 packs of 12) and thought they just looked to glam and cute to pass up.
  • Clothes pins
    I’ve used the plain, standard kind. You could find other types of pins, or paint the plain ones a great color (e.g. tint them a shade darker, add gold glitter… there are various possibilities!)
  • Number labels
    Since I couldn’t find any, I made these — they’re fairly poorly made, but since they’re strung up high, it doesn’t show as much! hehe. They are simply cut from red paper using pinking scissors, and the numbers were done using a Sharpie and stencil. For sure, you can imagine a gazillion other ways to make those.
  • Treats for the kiddos
    Every bag was filled with either chocolate, balloons, cards from a game (I’ve split the pieces of a Sushi Go game and distributed them over multiple days) and a mini-slinky. I had a small pot of Play-doh, too, but it was too large and too heavy both. Oh well. You can also add mini messages with a mission for the day (e.g. play cards with your family, make cookies with mom, etc.).
  • Nice string
    This gold one was is made of heavy paper and is sold at DeSerres.

Here’s what you’ll love about this craft : putting it together takes just a couple of minutes. (And not « a couple of minutes » like the ones in cookbook, where it actually takes much longer than the time they note… this is litterally just a couple of minutes, especially if you use pins and labels that are ready-to-use.)

Assembled treat bags

You just, basically, place the treats in the mini-bags, fold the top, and pin them over the string that you’ve previously installed where you like. Just slip the number labels under the pin at the same time. I haven’t even used glue on the bags, because I’m hoping to reuse it next year, and folding was enough.

Finished calendar

Ours was strung along the arch that separates the kitchen from the living room. There’s already a greenery garland there, and it fits perfectly.


Here’s a shot from the back of it. You cannot see how much the gold dots shine on that photo, but it’s a real cute effect in real.

Calendar from the back

The kids have asked that the numbers not be in sequential order, so Frank and I mixed them up when installing it. The next shot shows a bit of the kitchen cupboards’ decorations in the back.

Rustic Advent Calendar

Now we’re all eager for December to arrive, so the kids can start exploring the surprises. Did I say it this was sooooo easy to set up? Because it is. Go ahead, you can do it!

See you soon! Have fun!

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