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Paper circus trapezists

For a few years now, I’ve been in charge of the craft activity for kids at our neighbourhood’s summer fair. Last summer we had a circus theme, and I prepared paper acrobats that the kids could colour and hang around the main tent.

I love how simple (and cheap!) this craft is. Materials are all stuff we have around at home:

  • Paper (heavyweight is better if you have it)
  • Straw
  • String
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors, markers, etc.


  • Print the template.
  • Decorate the trapezist; here I’ve done simple marker patterns, but you could add stickers and glitter, too!
  • Cut out the shape; you can also cut before decorating, as I’ve done, so the little kids could concentrate on decorating.
  • Run a string through a straw and tie it; this is the « trapeze ».
  • Hang the trapezist using a small piece of scotch tape.

You can hang the trapezist on the straw in various « positions », either from their hands, feet, or across their backs.

You can draw the shape yourself instead of using the template, but the template helps to ensure proportions will turn out ok. Plus, kids at the fair tend to flitter from an activity to another (I am competing with poneys and bouncy castles, here), so prepared templates helped to move things along and improve the craft completion rate.

Here’s one my girl decorated:

And here they are all together:

Enjoy the printable! Have fun with your kiddos!

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