Garden Party Theme Printables for Toddler Birthday

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When my daughter Orléane turned one (back in 2009!), we had a Garden & Bugs theme for her birthday. Because we thought she would remember the theme details? No! But who cares? Planning kids birthdays is just more fun with a theme!

Here’s a peek at the Birthday Schedule (printable PDF).

For decoration, we placed a couple of pots filled with flowers (fake ones… since tn are cheaper than fresh cut ones) around the room, and I made large paper flowers using heavyweight color paper.

Given that half the attendants were 1, 2 or 3 years old, the menu was way, way simple: macaroni and garlic bread, then chocolate cupcakes.

The cupcakes were placed in small watering cans from the dollar store, each with a plastic flower planted inside.

Here she was, during the inspection phase (right before the « cake all over her face » phase):

Since toddlers are not the best crowd for organized activities, we only had two little games: pin the bee on the flower, and color-your-placemat. Otherwise, they were content just to run around and play with toys.

I’m sharing the visuals I made for the game. You can use them by downloading the printable PDF file of the Pin the Bee Game.

Rule #1: Do not use actual pins with toddlers!! Use sticky tape, okay? Other than that, you know how the game works. 😉

For Color Your Placemat, I made the visual above. You can download the placemat to print your own. Set them at the table, with small bins of crayon, for the kids to color while they wait for the food.

Have fun planning your own little ones’ birthday!


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