Beach Sunrise Inspiration Wallpaper for Desktop and smartphone

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Every morning is a fresh chance to start again - Desktop wallpaper

We’re currently enjoying the charming part of autumn, here in Canada. The trees have heated up to reds and golds, the grass is lush and sprinkled with yellow leaves landed from towering giants. The sky is a deeper blue, and the air is crisp.

Still. On those rainy autumn days, when we’re pulling on whoolen socks and curling up on the sofa, we like to strum up warm memories of our past trip to México. Frank, the kids and I flew down to Riviera Maya for one week in April, where we spent a couple of days visiting, and many days playing and relaxing.

In honour of those warm memories, here is a wallpaper I made using one of Frank’s photos. While the kids were sleeping in, he slipped out and walked down to the beach to catch the sunrise.

I worked in the sentence « Every morning is a fresh chance to start again. » because I think we sometimes need a reminder that, even though some days might not end up like we were hoping, there’s always a fresh day waiting, and a fresh chance to try again.

If you’d like to use the wallpaper on the go, here is the smartphone version:

Every morning is a fresh chance to start again. - Smartphone wallpaper (iphone 5 size)

(I used iPhone 5 dimensions, but I hope it will work for other smartphones, too!… Let me know in the comments how it ended up, if you tried it on other phones. Thanks.)

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