« It’s me, Grace. I’ve seen you eat M&Ms off the floor. » – Will, Will & Grace

I thought that line was sort of funny, back in the days where every piece of food that found its way to the laminate flooring of this former McDonald’s employee’s house had just bought itself a ticket to the kitchen garbage bin. Now that Xavier’s started eating, we’ve sort of lowered those ISO-approved restaurant chain standards. I’m not saying we’ll scrape puree from the floor to feed it back to him, but dry foods could well make it back to his tray. To quote a long-running ad campaign of Quebec’s lottery, in relation to having a baby: « Doesn’t change the world, but… »

On some things, I can’t decide if having a kid is making us more into mature classy adults or bringing us a step back.Je croyais que cette réplique était plutôt marrante, dans le temps où tout morceau de nourriture qui trouvait le chemin du plancher laminé de la maison de cette ancienne employée du McDo venait de s’acheter un billet aller-simple pour la poubelle de la cuisine. Maintenant que Xavier a commencé à manger par lui-même, nous avons plutôt rabaissé ces standards de chaîne de restaurants approuvé ISO. Je ne dis pas que nous ramassons la purée du plancher pour l’en nourrir à nouveau, mais la nourriture sèche peut facilement retourner à son plateau. Pour citer le slogan de la 6/49, en relation à l’arrivée d’un bébé : « Ça change pas le monde, sauf que… »

Il y a certaines choses pour lesquelles je n’arrive pas à décider si avoir un enfant nous rend davantage des adultes mature classe, ou si ça nous fait reculer en arrière.

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  1. Wait till he finds the week old cheerio, and you find yourselves saying, « Oh well, cereal doesn’t get bad. »

    Think of all the sweeping you’ll save yourselves! ;P

  2. I’ve never been particualrly concerned about dry food off the floor. And having Norah has certainly solidified my peace with it. I mean…she chews on dog toys. At first we tried to stop her…but outside of removing all of Arlo’s toys (which seems cruel), we found no way to keep them out of her mouth. Pacifiers with a fine coating of cat hair are also a personal favorite…mmmm. We get strange looks from visitors but comfort ourselves with the studies that indicate such introduction to germs and bacteria lead to a stronger immune system. 😉

  3. This weekend Tavish dove into the large tub of Mega Bloks in our living room and came up for air looking like there was something in his mouth. He spat out a half-masticated grape. My first thought: « I have no idea how long that grape was in there, but it doesn’t look mouldy so I really don’t care. »

    I don’t think it’s so much a lowering of standards as a gradual acceptance that your standards are more an ideal and not so frequently a reality.

  4. I think that the quality of the child is what shows your standard.

    A little dust or such never hurt, and that 15 second rule can be expanded out quite a bit.


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