Changed my homepage‘s look – no, this isn’t my homepage – added a blogroll and a links page. If I know you and you’re not on my blogroll, I invite you to send me the link to your site; I’d love to get your RSS. (*Snickers* Talk about a proposition in the information age…) My email addy is any word followed by . (If you really can’t use your imagination, you can go with simply « emilie ».)

In other news, the « pictures of Xavier » trend has now spread to another blog. lol!
J’ai changé le look de ma page d’accueil – non, ceci n’est pas ma page d’accueil – j’ai ajouté une page de liens vers les blogs auxquels je souscris et une page de liens suggérés. Si je vous connais et que vous n’êtes pas dans ma liste, je vous invite à m’envoyer le lien vers votre site; je serais enchantée de recevoir votre RSS. (*Ricanne* Vous parlez d’une proposition de l’âge de l’information…) Mon adresse email est n’importe quel mot suivi de . (Si vous ne pouvez vraiment pas employer votre imagination, prenez simplement « emilie ».)

Changement de sujet, la tendance « photos de Xavier » a maintenant contaminé un autre blog. lol!

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  1. I like how there’s « Simon », and « Simon’s Amy ».

    And Moksha being singled out as a black sheep is delightfully appropriate.

    Next time I email you, can I try to use:
    antidisestablishmentarianism AT emilieonline DOT com ? Fun!

  2. I had to look that up. Yeah, you could use it, though I doubt I’d have much to say on the subject.

    Incidently, our longuest word is « Anticonstitutionnellement » (25 letters), which is not that long, I guess. Wiki says that if we count chemical terms, though those are not specific to French, the longuest is « aminométhylpyrimidinylhydroxyéthylméthythiazolium » (49) which is vitamin B. Wiki also says English’s longuest word is « pneumono­ultra­micro­scopic­silico­volcano­coniosis » (45), though the longuest non-technical word is « flocci­nauci­nihili­pili­fication » (29), which is ironically a lot of Latin words that mean « nothing » strung together, and the word means estimating something as worthless. Wiki’s fun!

  3. It’s a wonderful site, Emilie. I like the layout and the flow. However, the 102 facts need to be updated since the basement is no longer yellow.

    I had no idea that I was the only person not associated with that Guy Kay guy. I feel special to have both made the list and earned an asterick of my very own. Sure, Simon gets mentioned like three times in your friends list (Simon, Simon’s Amy, Simon brought Moksha, etc)…but I’m new round these parts. I’ll bet Simon didn’t earn an asterick so quickly!

    Also, you have a truly beautiful home.

  4. You’re right about the yellow. There, it’s out. Thanks for the thorough constructive criticism.

    It was either an asterick or a section all your own, with a size title « People met through other people’s blogs (aka Moksha didn’t fit in the other categories) ».

    I’d forgotten my house was on there – that part of the website’s actually older. Some of these pics need updating, but the place’s bones remain the same, so thanks for the compliment. I love my home.

  5. That Xavier is sooo cute. I bet he makes you giggle everyday. It gets better once they can start to tell you things that don’t make sense or just repeat things that you say at strange times.

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