Une transition assez raide

Transl. « Sort of a rough transition »

This morning, I decided to do some gymnastics and executed a tumble over my crib rail. Mom – who was coming to get me and ended up catching me – didn’t seem quite enthused, and just a couple hours later we were at the Toy Store, comparing toddler beds.

I got my very first bed today!

Dad (with mom and grandpa and grandma B) set it up before lunch, and I was encouraged to lie down on it, to which I responded by climbing down and running around the house. Newfound liberty!

Later in the afternoon, though, I was entirely too tired and fell asleep on my milk bottle, so onto the bed I was installed. Mid-nap, mom spied on me half-waking up to cry a little, sitting up for some moments before I found my pacifier and fell forward on the mattress again for some more Zzz’s. Two hours and a half later, I was done and starting to wake up. As per habit, my first half-conscious impulse was to sit and stand up… BAD MOVE! Don’t ask me what happened, I just know a second later there was an impact with the floor and I was very much awake and using my vocal cords to their full volume.

Mom and dad had a lot of consoling to administer to their very confused and sad little man, and it took a while for me to decide I was ready to play as usual, but in the end I did and I appear to be ok.

I’m sleeping in my crib tonight – albeit with the couch cushions arranged on the floor around. I might try the little bed again for naptime tomorrow… get used to this new sleeping method slowly, you know.

– Xavier
Ce matin, j’ai décidé de faire un peu de gymnastique et ai executé une culbute par-dessus ma barrière de bassinette. Maman – qui était venue pour me prendre et m’a plutôt attrapé, en fin de compte – n’avait pas l’air très enthousiaste, et quelques heures plus tard nous étions au magasin de jouets, à comparer les lits de transitions.

J’ai eu mon tout premier lit aujourd’hui!

Papa (avec maman et grand-papa et grand-maman B) l’ont assemblé avant le dîner, et j’ai été encouragé à m’allonger dessus, ce à quoi j’ai réagi en en descendant et en courant autour de la maison. Liberté nouvelle!

Plus tard dans l’après-midi, par contre, j’étais sérieusement fatigué et me suis endormi sur mon biberon de lait chaude, alors on m’a installé sur le lit. À mi-somme, maman m’a espionné à demi-éveillé qui pleurait un peu, assis pour quelques moments avant de trouver ma suce et de retomber face première dans le matelas pour un peu plus de dodo. Deux heures et demi plus tard, j’en avais terminé du sommeil et commençait à me réveiller. Selon mon habitude, ma première impulsion à moitié consciente était de m’asseoir et me lever… MAUVAISE DÉCISION! Ne me demandez pas ce qui c’est passé, je sais seulement qu’une seconde plus tard il y a eu un impact avec le plancher, et que j’étais brutalement éveillé et j’utilisais mes cordes vocales à leur plein volume.

Maman et papa ont eu beaucoup de consolage à administrer à leur petit homme très confus et très triste, et ça a pris un bout de temps avant que je décide que j’étais prêt à aller jouer comme à l’habitude, mais à la fin j’y suis allé et j’avais l’air correct.

Je dors dans ma bassinette ce soir – quoiqu’avec quelques coussins du divan sur le plancher autour, par précaution. Je vais peut-être essayer le petit lit à mon somme de demain à nouveau… m’habituer graduellement à cette nouvelle méthode de sommeil, vous comprenez.

– Xavier

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  1. Wow, toddler beds weren’t even on my mind yet. Our kids are growing up too fast for me to keep up, Emilie!!! Norah has yet to make the inevitable tumble from the crib, so I’m more than happy to remain safely in non-mobile noctrunal child mode. But Xavier has reminded me that Norah’s own nighttime freedom is much closer than I like to think. Eeek!

    Anyway, congratualtions, Xavier, on a spiffy big-boy bed.

  2. So X-man, did you use those cushions to good advantage? I bet you can jump from the top railing and bounce pretty high with those there.

    It works even better if you yell when you jump so Mom and Dad can come running to see you in mid flight.


  3. No adjustment yet. We’ve tried to put him down for naptime in the bed, but he just gets up again. It’s only half-funny, in truth.

    As for the nap he did take on the bed, I had put down cushions around the foot of the bed, where there are no rails, but Xavier went over where there are small rails (shoot!). It’s not high enough to hurt him badly, but still… the floor is a bit harsh to meet.

    During this week he naps in a park at daycare, so that remains unchanged. For nighttime he’s still using his crib, with the cushions, as noted. He doesn’t tumble down on purpose, but if he’s wide awake and he doesn’t want us to leave him in the crib, he can hold on to the rail and pull himself up as high as he can, and then his heavy toddler head acts as leverage to get him over.

    This morning he was up at 5, walking around his crib and letting out a little protest once in a while. Usually, this early in the morning, I’d let him simmer a couple minutes – often he’ll end up getting his pacifier and soft dog and lying down for another hour or so – but now I don’t dare let him too long out of fear he’ll make the jump.


    I’m not there next weekend, but maybe Frank will try the bed again for naptime on Saturday or Sunday.

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