Médecin de famille

Visite de routine chez le docteur aujourd’hui pour les deux mousses, accompagnés de maman et papa. Médecin de famille, c’est le cas de le dire!

La taille de Xavier est 35″, et son poids 30 lbs, ce qui le place deux fois dans le 90e percentile. Grand, il est.

Orléane, quant à elle, pèse 9 lbs 14oz et mesure déjà 22.5″ – elle aurait pris 2.5″ en 5 semaines! Son périmètre cranien est de 15″. Elle est donc trois fois au 50e percentile. Une enfant modèle, quoi!

Et, comme on s’y attendait, les deux sont en pleine santé. Ils ont d’ailleurs été plutôt sages, tous les deux, lors de la visite.

PS. Félicitations à Geneviève et Éric qui ont eu leur deuxième enfant hier – un super joli premier fils!
Routine checkup today at the doctor’s for the two kiddies, with mom and dad in tow. Truly, a family doctor!

Xavier’s height is 35″, and his weight 30 lbs, which places him twice at percentile 90. Tall, he is.

As for Orléane, she weighs 9 lbs 14oz and is already 22.5″ – this means she grew 2.5″ in 5 weeks! Her head is 15″ around, so she is three times at percentile 50. A examplary child, then!

And, as expected, they are both in perfect health. As a matter of fact, they both behaved really well during the checkup.

PS. Congratulations to Geneviève and Éric who had their second child – a beautiful first son! – yesterday.

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  1. I wonder if Orly feels left out because her shoes are so different? And does Xavier get Spider-Man boots? ‘Cause those look like Spidey’s eyes on his boots. Nice!

  2. Unfortunately, little Léane doesn’t wear boots yet – and even when she will, they probably won’t be black – which messes up the photo some, and even those white sneakers are still too large for her tiny feet.

    Xavier’s boot are second-hand and, although they look OK on the picture, they’re heading for retirement soon. Sadly, they have probably lost all their spider powers. 🙁 Yet another reason I need spring to get here ASAP.

    Frank wants me to note these are not his usual boots: they’re the big ones he wears for shoveling. But they gave such better impact to the image. 😀

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