Not a Valentine

Bébé 2 - 37 semainesXavier’s January pic album is up.

Xavier – 18e mois – Janvier 2008

Baby 2 still not born yet (not a Valentine’s day girl after all), but I added some updates to her pregnancy album. We’re all getting anxious to see her face.

Bébé 2 - 37 semainesL’album de photo de janvier de Xavier est en ligne.

Xavier – 18e mois – Janvier 2008

Bébé 2 n’est toujours pas née (ce n’est pas une surprise de Saint-Valentin en fin de compte) mais j’ai fait quelques ajouts à son album de grossesse. On a tous hâte de lui voir la bette.

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  1. That’s kind of a freaky shot up there. I hear that some places have actually done that to cows, but more for looking into their stomachs to see what they’re eating. Not gestating.

    And I am NOT, by the way, calling you a cow of any sort. Let’s straighten that up right now! I love the look of older siblings trying to listen or snuggle to impending sisters in the womb. Something very endearing about that.

  2. lol, Simon. Poor cows, though. 🙁
    I liked the idea of a little porthole for baby to gaze out of, and it seemed a good trick to pull with Photoshop, but the toughie has been finding a good foetus pic to use for it. Couldn’t find one with his nose stuck to a glass, waving hello, but there’s my attempt anyway.

    I don’t know if Xavier was hearing anything in that pic. He was back from playing and sleighing outside with Frank, and getting pretty sleepy, so I sat with him to watch his baby MacDonald video, and when I laid his head over his sibling-to-be, he just snuggled up and didn’t make a sound. He went down for a good long nap just afterwards.

  3. Eeee. Everytime I see the blog pop up in bloflones these days I get a bit giddy…how can it be that I completely missed the second (french – where’s the english button?!) blog! I’ll have to dust off my dictionary!

    You look fabulous…take care.

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