En développement

Maman et papa m’ont annoncé que dans quelques temps, si tout se déroule bien, je deviendrais un grand frère. Ça semblait être une chose importante, et ils étaient contents de me dire ça, je sais pas trop pourquoi.

Je veux bien leur donner le bénéfice du doute, mais je trouve qu’être un futur grand frère c’est pas extraordinaire à venir à date : mon nez est tout congestionné, et j’ai de la difficulté à respirer et à faire mes sommes. J’espère que ça devient plus amusant; en attendant, j’ai mes réserves.

– Xavier
Transl. « In development »

Mommy and daddy announced to me that in some time, if all goes well, I will become a big brother. It seemed like an important thing, and they were quite happy to tell me this, I’m not sure why.

I’m ready to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I find being a future big brother is not an extraordinary experience so far: my nose is all stuffy, and I’m having trouble breathing right and napping. I hope it will become more fun; meanwhile, I have my reservations.

– Xavier

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  1. Don’t worry baby Zav. You’ll be able to beat him/her up for the first several years of that sibling’s life and establish your dominance. At least until he/she’s old enough (and big enough) to punch back. Then watch out.

    Sorry. I never said life was fair.


  2. As one big brother to another, I think you’ll enjoy the role, Zav. A captive audience who thinks everything you do is magical is not to be underestimated. Sure, sure…you say, your parents already do that. But, trust me, the younger baby will idolize you in a whole new way. At least…as Simon mentioned…for the frist few years.


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