Coucou, petite soeur!

« Hello, future little sister! »

Leaving for Toronto in a couple minutes. See you next week!
– Émilie
« Coucou, future petite soeur! »

Je pars pour Toronto dans quelques minutes. À la semaine prochaine!
– Émilie

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  1. Ah man..I totally forgot you were going to see Simon this weekend. I could have exploited that somehow for some sort of prankish fun. Alas.

    Anyway, have a great time.

  2. ‘Twas great seeing you this weekend, Émy. You and your little bundle of joy, too. Another hearty congrats on the expanding tummy. My own is due in part to the 32 ounce milkshake I had as part of my breakfast on Monday morning before the flight home.

    Mmmmm… chocolate…

  3. Tal : I knew you dwelled in a Canadian city, but only recently did I find out it was Toronto. The thought of dropping you a line to check availability crossed my mind, but I hesitated and here we are, as yet unmet. We will likely have another chance a year hence, though, as this is becoming a yearly trip. I would insist to turn lunch into shopping, though, as I know this last to be a finely honed skill of yours. 😉

    Moksha – quick thinking. Drats!

    BOB, you have been missed as well. One token person would stand a while in your honour at various times during the weekend.

    Simon, has the Pickle Barrel welcomed denizens yet again on the Monday? Had my stomach been in any kind of shape, I would dearly have loved to try half of this milk creation. I don’t know if I was more impressed by the milkshake or by Alec’s downing two of them in the course of a day. I guess it’s true his stomach has had good practice.

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