Elle atteindra le troisième dans un an ou deuxShe’ll reach the third floor in a year or two

Ssshhh, don’t tell… Orly’s first Christmas gift: a three-story Barbie doll house with an elevator and wood furniture!

What, are you saying I picked out a gift for her that I really wanted? As if. My 9 month-old specifically requested this.
Chut, gardez le secret… le premier cadeau de Noël d’Orléane: une maison de poupée Barbie à trois étages avec un ascenceur et des meubles de bois!

Quoi, vous dites que je lui ai choisi un cadeau à mon goût? Pas rapport. Mon bébé de 9 mois m’a spécifiquement demandé ceci.

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  1. That’s so weird. Because I know that both of my boys specifically requested the light sabres they each have. Uncanny!

  2. Hey Ken. Thanks for reading. I have no plerbom with your linking your blog to mine but will your kids be interested in the stuff I’m writing? They didn’t know me, but tell them my picture is hanging in the Failor Library, The what library? You can show them my website since they might want to read the excerpts about RHHS (bloopers etc.) Also the blog I wrote about P.Diddy. It’s on the website. Maybe they’ll want to comment on my blog. I’d like to see your blog too. Is that the link above on WordPress?

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