Juste pour m’écoeurer un peu Just to spite me

… or so it seems, life has decided that my complaining for no good reason just wouldn’t do. It proceeded to show me how much illnesses and drama two weeks could hold.

More listing:

  • The morning I was back at work from stomach flu, the babysitter called in emergency: she was getting sick herself, and could we please come get the kids right away? She and her daughter have been sick the rest of the week.
  • Orléane had the flu with fever and cough.
  • Xavier had (and still has) a bad case of the flu: 5 days of fever, chills, almost no food and still not eating much, fatigue, cough… the works. He worries me.
  • Xavier threw up one night. (It wasn’t the stomach flu, luckily.)
  • The cat peed on our bed. (We did lock her up in our room for half a day, albeit by mistake.)
  • Orléane tumbled her highchair at daycare today. (She’s alright, but it had us all worried about a commotion.)
  • François has a mild case of the stomach flu.
  • Orléane’s shots are tomorrow. *Fingers crossed that it will go alright!*

PS. Here’s a nice link for those of you who would like to take part in a fun astronomy project: Galaxy Zoo 2.
… on le dirait bien, la vie a décidé que je me plaignais sans raison, la semaine dernière. Alors elle a décidé d’examplifier combien de maux et de drame pouvaient être contenus en deux semaines.

Encore une liste :

  • Le matin que j’étais de retour au travail après ma gastro, la gardienne a appelé en urgence : elle commençait à être malade elle-même, et pourrions-nous venir chercher les enfants immédiatement? Sa fille et elle ont été malades le reste de la semaine.
  • Orléane a eu la grippe avec fièvre et toux.
  • Xavier a eu (et a encore) un mauvais cas de grippe : 5 jours de fièvre, des frissons, presqu’aucune nourriture et il ne mange pas encore vraiment, de la fatigue, une toux… le gros kit, quoi. Il m’inquiète.
  • Xavier a vomi une nuit. (Pas de gastro, heureusement.)
  • La chatte a fait pipi dans notre lit. (C’est vrai que, sans le vouloir, nous l’avions enfermée une demi-journée dans notre chambre.)
  • Orléane a basculé sa chaise-haute à la garderie aujourd’hui. (Elle va bien, mais nous étions tous inquiets de la possibilité d’une commotion.)
  • François a une légère gastro.
  • Orléane a ses vaccins demain. *On croise les doigts que tout ira bien!*

PS. Voici un lien cool pour ceux de vous qui aimeraient prendre part à un projet d’astronomie amusant : Galaxy Zoo 2.

6 commentaires sur “Juste pour m’écoeurer un peu Just to spite me”

  1. THE PINK EYE ran rampant through our house just over two weeks ago. From boy to boy to dad. Somehow missed Amy. We have LOTS of leftover drops for THE PINK EYE.

  2. You’re a daring soul to go tempting fate by complaining again. DOn’t get me wrong, I appriciapte you keeping us posted, but I think I might have been tempted to keep my mouth shut after the way you were handled after your last venting 😉

    My thoughts are with you. That’s just too much injury, illness and ick to deal with in one week.

  3. You’re right, of course, M. I’m a cowboy like that.

    Nice to hear from you.

    (I still haven’t quite figured out what’s up with those caps, Simon. My spelling? Am now picturing a big eyeball rolling around through your house.)

  4. Oh, just trying to make pink eye sound much more ominous than it is with those caps, Émy. I tend to be melodramatic that way sometimes.

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