Ça avance, ça avance les dents… et les bébés.

Well, I wasn’t born or anything that grand, today, but I did score a 5th tooth. The other top one, front right.

Doing REALLY WELL on the crawling, too. Mom will be making a list of security accessories to buy this evening, and moving interesting plants from the floor and whatnot (drats!). We’ll bug dad to post a video of my prowess this weekend.

Oh, do have a look at the « First Time For Everything » link up there: there’s a video of Sara the newborn. Ben got off OK, she seems quiet. I don’t know what his dad is all about, with his « what about good luck mommy and daddy? » comment… (*grin*)
D’accord je ne suis pas ou rien d’aussi merveilleux, aujourd’hui, mais je me suis ramassé une 5e dent. L’autre palette, celle de droite.

Mon nouveau truc de ramper va TRÈS BIEN, aussi. Maman va faire une liste d’accessoires de sécurité à acheter ce soir, et déménager les plantes intéressantes du plancher, etc. (zut!). On va achaler papa pour qu’il mette en ligne un vidéo de mes prouesses ce weekend.

Oh, et allez faire un tour sur le lien « First Time For Everything » ci-haut : il y a un vidéo de Sara la nouvelle-née. Ben s’en est sorti OK, elle semble calme. Je ne sais pas ce qu’il a son papa, avec son commentaire « pourquoi pas bonne chance maman et papa? »… (hihihi)

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  1. JUst wanted to swing by and tell you what a beautiful son you have (as if you didn’t know). You mentioned your one-year party in five months over at Simon’s blog and I thought « Hey…my little Norah will be one in five months too! » Xavier was born one day before Norah and I’m getting a kick out of looking at the developmental differences. Norah has no teeth, nor any signs of soon-to-arrive teeth. She really wants to crawl…but is currently settling for the lunge n’ stretch method of expanding her reach.

    Anyway, I may poke around your site in the next few days, but wanted to take a moment or two to say hi and to congratualte Xavier on how well he’s doing with this whole « learning » thing.

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