Nothing ever makes me feel like I’m a kid again quite like sitting in the dentist’s chair, faced with the question « Are you flossing everyday? » (A feeling that comes to an abrupt halt at the end of the appointment when, bill in hand, I very much feel like an adult again.)

I was sitting there today, mentally preparing the answer that I wasn’t quite there yet, but was doing better than I used to, and that wasn’t so bad considering how many… when the hygienist, her little mirror pushed inside my mouth, noted « Well, this is much improved. Doing well on the flossing, are you? » Score!

I guess it really does make a difference. How about you? Are you flossing everyday?
Rien ne me renvoie à l’impression d’être enfant à nouveau comme être assise dans la chaise du dentiste, devant la question « Et la soie dentaire, tu l’utilises chaque jour? » (Un sentiment qui arrive à une halte abrupte à la fin du rendez-vous quand, la facture en main, je me recommence nettement à me sentir adulte.)

J’étais assise là aujourd’hui, préparant mentallement la réponse que j’étais pas tout à fait rendue là, mais c’était déjà mieux qu’avant, et que c’était pas si pire si on considérait combien… quand l’hygiéniste, son petit miroir accoté dans ma bouche, a noté « Eh bien, ça s’est vraiment amélioré. Tu prends la soie dentaire plus souvent, hen? » Score!

J’imagine que ça fait vraiment une différence. Et vous? Utilisez-vous la soie dentaire chaque jour?

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  1. *sigh*


    I just got my little post card in the mail this week from the dentist, saying it’s been six months since my last visit. And I WAS really good too. For nearly a full month after my last visit I flossed about five times a week. No more. I try to say to him, « That’s why I come in here every six months — so I don’t have to! » But that doesn’t get me very far.

    I feel shame.

  2. I am currently on a floss-every-day kick. It’ll probably last another month or so and then peter out. But, you posed the question at a good time for me…so yeah…yeah I do floss every day, thanks for asking.

    And good job on the excellent tooth report card.

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