So NOT Wordless Wenesday!

Amazon delivered! Xavier got a box for playing, and I got a stack of goodies. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight? Once I figure out which one to open first… See you in a month!
Ma commande d’Amazon est arrivée! Xavier a eu une boîte pour jouer, et moi j’ai eu une pile de gâteries. Devinez ce que je fais ce soir? Une fois que j’aurai décidé lequel ouvrir en premier… On se revoit dans un mois!

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  1. Seriously, that Hyperion is an awesome read. Just ignore the bipedal badger on the front cover — it’s nowhere near indicative of what you’ll meet on the inside.

  2. Well put, Simon. Seriously bad cover. When a freind of mine first loaned me that book in high school, I just couldn’t read it, the cover was too hokey. I returned the book to my friend and explained my aversion. He quickly ripped the cover off and handed it back to me. « If that’s what it takes to make you read this…it’s worth it, » he said.

    Also, I just started The Amber Spyglass last night. Things is getting seriously weird in this story.

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